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If you like NOVA, the Discovery Channel or National Geographic...


....You will love this!  


Lewiston Adult Education will be holding two free lecture/slide presentations: 

  • Monday, January 31: Systems Sciences I : Science, Models & Intuition - an introduction to the basic principles of systems sciences, including chaos theory & fractal geometry
  • Tuesday, February 1: Our Living Earth : An Introduction to the Science of Geophysiology (Gaia Theory)

Lectures are from 6:00 – 8:00 pm both evenings, followed by Q&A.

These lectures are free introductory overviews for two 6-week courses that will be offered through Lewiston Adult Education (156 East Ave, Lewiston). Ideal for those who enjoy NOVA or the Discovery Channel, these lectures will be interesting, informative and entertaining. Detailed descriptions are included below.

Given by Alder Stone Fuller, PhD., an independent college-level educator, the lectures and courses are relevant and accessible to virtually everyone, regardless of background. This is not the science that you studied in high school or college, but as different as day from night. The concepts and principles addressed have been discovered and investigated by Earth's greatest systems scientists, life scientists and climatologists. They are interdisciplinary, holistic (focus on wholes), and awe-inspiring, and will help you understand everyday life and reality regardless of your interests - whether social, political, economic or the 'natural world'. They elegantly, succinctly and almost intuitively explain "how things work" – nature, human bodies and cultures, ecosystems, economics, climate systems and climate change ... everything.

After the lectures, interested participants may register for the classes, but attendance at the free introductory lectures does not require commitment to the courses. Should you choose to join the courses, fees are $67 per course.

Here is a down-loadable pdf describing these two courses with course outlines, plus description and outline of a third course - Systems Sciences II - to begin March 28 as follow up to Systems Sciences I.

You may visit the instructor's web site at for more information about these courses and his other seminars, courses and consulting services.


Systems Sciences I: Science, Models & Intuition

Mondays, 6:00 - 8:30 pm, beginning with free overview on Monday, 1/31.

This introduction to the systems sciences will help you understand your everyday life, health and nature in profound and awe-inspiring new ways. This is not the science you had in school, but links all sciences together in nearly intuitive ways. The course addresses sophisticated but accessible topics including: science as a way of knowing; networks (systems); feedbacks; non-linearity; tipping points (critical thresholds); the edges of chaos; fractals and cellular automata. It will appeal to science readers or those who enjoy the Discovery Channel, NOVA, or National Geographic - but is relevant to everyone - yet the topics are accessible even to those with little or no science background. For more information on Alder Fuller and the material to be covered, visit


Our Living Earth: An Introduction to Gaia Theory

Tuesdays, 6:00 - 8:30 pm, beginning with free overview on Tuesday, 2/1.

Gaia theory is a new branch of biology studying Earth as a living system with a planetary-scale metabolism and homeostasis. That is, complex linkages between air, water, soil, ice caps and ecosystems regulate the temperature and the chemical composition of Earth's atmosphere and oceans automatically in a way that cannot be explained by physics and chemistry alone, much like your own homeostasis. Through Gaia as metaphor, it is possible to glimpse the organic unity of the Earth. In both its scientific & metaphoric aspects, this new view of the Earth provides the foundation for a new cultural map that can guide us in the planetary era. This course is based on the book Animate Earth: Science, Intuition and Gaia by Stephen Harding, the most interesting and accessible introduction to Gaia theory available. It is open to anyone with any background, scientific or not. Text: Animate Earth: Science, Intuition & Gaia.




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College Transitions Program for Adults

Lewiston Adult Education is now accepting applications for the Winter/Spring College Transition Program. This program is designed for individuals looking to increase their earning potential by earning a two or four year degree. Any GED/High School Diploma-holding resident of Androscoggin County accepted to the program may enroll at no cost.

Designed to help students prepare for, get accepted to, and be successful in college, the College Transition Program provides a comprehensive review of reading, writing, and math in a setting which simulates an actual college environment. Students who have been away from the classroom for years as well as recent High School graduates benefit from working in a college-style setting before enrolling in college. This transition step saves students much of the time and energy spent adjusting to the new environment, and allows them to better focus on their studies. Students in the program will also visit local college campuses to learn how to take advantage of many of the resources offered by colleges today.

Each semester, the course is specifically formatted to meet the students’ needs. The College Transition Program begins with a basic assessment of the students’ knowledge and skills. The instructor will then modify the structure of the class to lay emphasis on the material that will be most beneficial to the students enrolled that semester. By the end of the course, students will have developed the study habits and time management skills that will work best with their individual learning styles.

Other obstacles unrelated to academics, such as the college application process, financial aid issues, and any logistical challenges unique to the student, will also be addressed in the College Transition Program.

Industry-specific support is also available to those interested in health care. This supplemental program not only provides health-care specific career advising, it has also cultivated relationships with health care employers in the area who are available for networking, mentoring and additional advising.

Three sections of the College Transition Program are available: 1) Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00 am–Noon; 2) Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00-9:00 pm; or 3) Wednesdays 9:00 am–3:00 pm. College Transition Program classes will begin January 11th and meet at the B-Street Community Center.

Applications are currently being accepted. Interested candidates must contact Elayne Bean at 795-4141 to schedule an advising appointment prior to registration.

For more detailed information and a full list of courses visit or call 795-4141.



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LAE's CTP Coordinator Roger Guay honored with Student Advocate Award

Congratulations to College Transition Program Instructor/Coordinator Roger Guay on receiving College for ME Androscoggin’s 2010 Student Advocate Award!

In his years with LAE, Roger has worked tirelessly to make sure his students are academically and emotionally ready for college. Roger is adept at drawing out adults’ experiences and showing them how the knowledge they have developed can be especially useful in college. He also helps his students address the concerns particular to adults in college. Program participants complete the program not only with the tools to overcome barriers and be successful in college, they also consistently develop better self-confidence and exhibit a vastly improved sense of self-esteem. His effectiveness as an instructor, motivator and supporter is seen not only in the number of his students that enroll in college, but the number who come back to his classroom to visit than thank him for all his support and encouragement.

Roger will be retiring at the end of this semester, but the Best Practices he established for LAE’s College Transitions Program will continue to have an impact on college-aspiring adults in the community.


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Automotive Basics in a Day! 10/30

Check out the Sun Journal coverage on our upcoming Automotive Basics class!


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Super Sauturday: October 30th!

Here at Lewiston Adult Education we will be holding our semi-annual Super Saturday on October 30! Every semester, we choose one Saturday to hold a variety of single-session day-long courses covering many different topics. This Super Saturday will feature workshops in computer technology, trades, wellness and crafts, including:

MS Word in a Day: Participants will review the basics of word processing, and then practice using some of the more advanced features in MS Word to create professional reports, newsletters, and business correspondence. 9:00-3:00, $55 plus a $10 lab fee.

MS Excel Workshop: Designed for beginners, this workshop will equip participants with a functional understanding of Excel 2007’s most useful features. 9:00-3:00, $55 plus a $10 lab fee.

CPR, First Aid, AED Training: Participants will build the skills to earn their certification from the American Heart Association. 9:00-3:00, $65 plus a $5 lab fee.

Automotive Basics in a Day: In this introductory car-care class, participants will learn how to change a flat, boost a battery, check and replace fluids, change lights, and will also get tips on how to use exhaust color, unfamiliar noises and abnormal vibrations to diagnose a problem with their automobile. 9:00-2:00, $33 plus a $5 lab fee.

Women: Explore the Skilled Trades: This workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to explore the possibilities for a career in their choice of two of the following three fields: Welding, Quality Control, and Installation. Participants will get information on the job prospects for those trades, educational requirements, and local resources available to support job-seekers looking for work in those fields. 9:00-2:30, $8 plus a $5 lab fee.

Enhance Your Digital Photos: Using MS Photo Editor, participants will learn how to crop, sharpen and enhance their digital photos, and then learn how to safely share them with friends and family on the web. 9:00-3:00, $27 plus $5 lab.

Large Twill Weave Tray: Beginner and veteran basket-weavers in this course will start with a large oval base, and weave in color to create a twill arrow pattern in their tray. Bring a mop-sized bucket, scissors, a pencil, spring-type clothespins, a spray bottle, a jackknife, and an old towel. All other supplies will be provided. 9:00-3:00, $28 plus $20 lab.

Super Saturday Book Arts: This exploration of Book Arts will introduce participants to art journaling, book-altering and bookbinding as they experiment with painting, collage, adhesives and more. 9:00-3:00, $32 plus a $10 lab fee.

Slice ‘Em & Dice ‘Em Easy Star Border: Quilters will create a quilt top, suitable for an infant quilt, wall-hanging or centerpiece in this workshop. Participants will be mailed a supply list upon registration, and will bring their own sewing machines to class. 9:00-3:00, $32 plus a $5 lab fee.

All of the above workshops will meet at Lewiston High School on Saturday, October 30th. Lunch will be provided. For more information or to register, visit or call 795-4141.


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Bridges to Employment

Lewiston Adult Education will be holding a “Bridges to Employment” training series in October and November. The series consists of five interactive workshops designed to address a particular component of the job search and hiring process, from identifying transferrable skills to developing the key competencies that employers are seeking.

OSHA 10 will cover the essentials of workplace safety. Participants who complete this program will be issued the nationally-recognized OSHA 10 credential. This course meets Monday through Thursday, October 18-21, from 5:30-8:30. $25.

Computer Skills for the Workplace is ideal for those who are familiar with computer basics, such as checking email and saving files, but wish to build the essential computer skills needed in the workplace. Monday through Wednesday, October 25-27, from 5:00-7:30. $20.

Providing Excellent Customer Service will help prepare participants for work in a variety of fields. Most positions require work with customers or clients, and enhancing customer service skills improves an applicant’s marketability. Monday, November 1, 5:00-7:30. $7.

The Art of Selling Yourself: Creating effective resumes, applications and interviews. This workshop will teach job-seekers how to effectively communicate their qualifications to employers throughout the application process. Tuesday, November 2, 5:00-7:30. $7.

Developing a Personalized Career Pathway will help job-seekers identify the key skills necessary for success in their ideal careers, and then will help them create a plan to gain or hone those skills. Wednesday, November 3, 5:00-7:30. $7.

Individuals may sign up for the workshops a-la-carte, or as a complete series for $66. Participants who complete the full series will receive a $20 gift certificate towards a Lewiston Adult Education course in the Winter/Spring term. Pre-registration is required to participate in these workshops. For more information, or to register, visit or call 795-4141.


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Record number of Art & Craft classes

This Fall, here at Lewiston Adult Education we will be offering our greatest number of Arts & Crafts courses to date!  We have added new categories, and nearly a dozen new classes- take a look:


Beginning Drawing

Advanced Drawing

Children's Book Illustration


One-Stroke Painting

The Joy of Oil Painting

Watercolor: Intermediate/Advanced

Watercolor: The Four Seasons


Photography: Beyond "Auto"

Fine Art Photography

Camera Buying Seminar

Enhance Your Digital Photos

Sculpture & 3D Art

Introduction to Welding Sculpture

Introduction to Book Arts


Stained Glass A & B


Large Twill Weave Tray

Woven Recipe Card Case

Knitting & Crocheting

Crocheting Basics

Crocheting Practice & Projects

Knitting: Beginner/Intermediate

Socks & Double-Knit Mittens


Easy Does It Quilting

Path to the Cabin

Slice 'Em & Dice 'Em Easy Star Border

Trip Around the World

Rug Braiding

Rug Braiding I

Rug Braiding II

Classes start as early as August 30th, so register soon! Click on the individual links for more info or to sign up. Click here for our full list of Fall courses.

We hope to see you soon!




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New Hospitality Training at LAE

Lewiston Adult Education is launching a new 14-week hospitality training program. Designed for adults interested in a career in a restaurant, hotel, ski lodge or health care facility, "Introduction to Hospitality" will provide industry-specific training in the skills that managers are seeking.

Participants in the program will learn how to provide unparalleled customer service, gain hands-on experience in both front-end and behind-the-scenes restaurant and hotel work and learn techniques from hospitality managers themselves as they guest teach classes.

By the end of the program, participants will have a solid understanding of the various branches of the hospitality industry and will have gained the skills to be competitive as an applicant for an entry-level position in a restaurant, hotel or other residential facility.

"Introduction to Hospitality" will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. Tuesdays, starting Aug. 31, at Lewiston High School. The registration fee for the course is $145, with a $35 lab fee. For more information, visit or call 795-4141.


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College & Career Transitions for Adults

Adults who participate in College Transition Programs dramatically improve their chances of success in college. They score higher on pre-tests, which allows them to save money by testing directly into credit-bearing courses. They get accustomed to the habits of attending classes, completing assignments and preparing for exams, which helps them start college strong. They go to college with the confidence they need to succeed.

The College Transition Program and the Career Transitions: Health Care Edition program are designed prepare adults to be competitive college applicants and successful college students. Participants in these programs refresh the reading, writing and math skills needed for college-level work, develop the study techniques that have been proven to help adults in college, and participate in interest and skill inventories that will guide them as they choose a major or course of study.

Adults in these programs also have ample support as they get ready to apply to college. They make connections with college faculty and staff, meet with financial aid experts, and get tips from recent College and Career Transitions alums who are now college students.

Transition program alums often talk about the confidence they developed during the program. These individuals are adults who used to feel apprehensive about applying to college, but who, through their hard work and the support of their teachers and classmates, now see college as an exciting new step towards achieving their career goals.

All kinds of different people are using College and Career Transition programs- construction workers, stay-at-home moms, CNA’s, retail workers and more. Some are looking to college as an opportunity to help them move up in their current job, others are looking for new training to launch a different career.

For adults interested in a career in health care, the Career Transitions: Health Care Edition program provides all the College Transition Program coursework, plus additional skill and interest assessments specific to the health care field, as well as a science course to prepare participants for college courses in the health sciences. Participants in the Health Care Edition are interested in becoming Registered Nurses, Radiologic Technicians, Lab Technicians, Medical Assistants or other health care professionals.

Due to generous grant funding, the College Transition Program and the Career Transitions: Health Care Edition program are available at no cost to participants through Lewiston Adult Education. Morning, afternoon and evening course schedules are available. The College Transition program begins September 7th. The Career Transitions: Health Care Edition program starts September 2nd. For more information or to apply, visit or call 795-4141.


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Fall Courses Posted!

The fall we will have over 120 courses available here at Lewiston Adult Education!

Computer & Technology courses will be available to individuals at all skill levels, from the absolute beginner, to those seeking specific skills within MS Office, to business owners interested in improving their email marketing.

Courses will be offered towards workforce certificates including the Clerical Office, Medical Office, Accounting Assistant, Culinary Arts and Welding certificates, in addition to a Certified Nursing Assistant training course. Additional workforce training & trades courses can be found here.

For adults interested in transitioning to college, two programs will be available: the College Transitions Program, and the Career Transitions: Health Care Edition program (designed for adults interested in advancing a career in health care by earning a college degree)

High School Diploma, College Prerequisite, and GED prep courses will also be available. If you’re interested in any of these courses, call Elayne Bean at 795-4141.

As always, dozens of personal enrichment courses will be available, including our largest selection of art & photography classes ever! We will also be offing a variety of cooking, craft, dance, fitness, finance, gardening and "just for fun" classes, as well as several new trips & tours including destinations in Boston, Quebec and Salem.

For more information, or to register online for courses, visit .


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