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LRTC Students Create Video Tour For Visitors

Lewiston Regional Technical Center students work on the opening shot in their video tour of the Lewiston High School campus.


            Multimedia students at Lewiston Regional Technical Center have put together a video tour of the various places to visit in the area of Lewiston High School to help visitors find their way.

            The two-minute video shows the new athletic fields behind Lewiston High School, the construction site of Connors Elementary School, LRTC, the Green Ladle, the gymnasium entrance at the rear of the high school and Lewiston Adult Education’s main office in the Lewiston High School lobby. LRTC shares the building with Lewiston High School.

            “The students did an outstanding job showing all the different destinations in the area by using the skills they have learned in Sylvie St. Amand’s class,” said Mike Reagan, education and marketing director for Lewiston Adult Education.

            Reagan thought of a video after working with LRTC students to create a commercial about Lewiston Adult Education.

            “I wanted to find a better way to show members of the public how to get to places around our building, but I lack all the video, editing and graphics skills the multimedia students have,” he said.

            It is posted on YouTube and will appear on the public access channel Great Falls Television. Here is the YouTube link:

            LRTC student Autumn Pomerleau hosts the video. Classmates who helped to create it include Kayla Harding, Dan King, Jillian Reissfelder, Kelen Painter, Nolan Perkins, Amber Veilleux and Cole Whitten. The students attend Lewiston, Oak Hill, Leavitt Area and Poland Regional high schools


Posted by Michael Reagan  on December 10, 2018 | Read more in: News


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